History has inspired us to deliver the best stone baked flatbreads with a purpose built flame fire oven...

Flatbreads are the earliest breads made by people where at its core is a mixture of flour, water and salt kneaded into pliable dough before being shaped by hand and baked. 

Flatbreads were found to have been baked in settlements from the Euphrates Valley, Babylon in 4000 BC. 

The South American Mayan tribe developed corn flatbreads and the Neolithic tribe discovered the secret of flour after cooking a mixture of grain and water. 

As flatbreads baked quickly herdsmen were able to bake them on flat stones in the hot sun while tending flocks of sheep.  

Flatbreads have been a staple source of food for thousands of years and its popularity has continued to grow.  They can wrap (souvlaki), hold (pita) and form the base of substantial foods (pizza).

We specialise in the contract manufacturing of flatbread products for foodservice and retail.